CSS in blocks

Snowfire is using SCSS behind the scenes to sprinkle the styling with a couple of extra features

We recommend only using the block CSS to style blocks. Please don't attempt to write CSS selectors in style.scss for blocks. If you want to style a default block, make a new block based on it and change its style instead.

When you open a block you get access to its own HTML/CSS/JS in the bottom right corner.

No naming conflics - ever

Snowfire will automatically add a namespace for your block. This makes it safe to use simple class names such as .post, .author and so on. Consider the following CSS code in a block:

.content {
    background: #00ff00;

This will then be translated by Snowfire to the this code:

.sf-block-40[data-block-id="77"] .content {
     background: #00ff00;

This means that your  .content class won't conflict with any other block,